SimpleMind can open your mind maps on all your devices that have SimpleMind Pro installed. The easiest way is to sync your mind maps. To do so, use built-in clouds or a cloud service.

Built-in Clouds

SimpleMind Pro uses built-in clouds to synchronize your mind maps across devices and all platforms. After connecting SimpleMind Pro to the cloud, that cloud tab will be visible in SimpleMind. Open and save mind maps from within SimpleMind, all changes will be synced to that cloud.
The built-in clouds are:

Any cloud service (Not on Android)

SimpleMind for Windows, SimpleMind for Mac and SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone can store mind maps in any folder. Because of that, you can store mind maps in a folder that is synchronized by a cloud service. For example, iCloudDrive or the Dropbox app. This cloud service synchronizes your mind maps.
The AppStore edition is sandboxed. When you open a Mind Map this way, you cannot add or open links to external documents or mind maps.

Note! SimpleMind for Windows displays any cloud as if it were a built-in cloud. It does still need the cloud service to synchronize the mind maps.

Example of opening your mind maps on different devices (built in clouds)