SimpleMind stores mind maps either:
  • Locally on your device or computer.
    Local mind maps are stored in the Mind Map Store directory in the library. You can access those local files, but don’t. Modifying, copying or renaming leads to data corruption or even the irreversible loss of mind maps.
  • on Dropbox or Google Drive.
    After connecting SimpleMind to Dropbox or Google Drive, SimpleMind can directly open from, or save to, that cloud. This way you can sync mind maps across devices and platforms.

Access Local Mind Maps

Note! Do not copy mind maps from this folder to a cloud or vice versa. Do not alter or change the contents in this folder. This WILL damage your mind maps. Do not open mind maps directly from this folder.
  • First unhide the Mac library.
  • Launch Terminal from Spotlight or Launch pad → Utilities
  • Enter this command and the users Library folder will become visible: chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  • To restore the hidden status, in Terminal type: chflags hidden ~/Library/
  • Use Finder to Search for files with extension .smmx. These are your mind map files. Note: When searching select “Library” or your user name, not “This Mac”. Or locate the directory
    • SimpleApps editions (Trial and Pro):
      ~Library/SimpleMind/Mind Maps
    • App Store edition SimpleMind Pro: ~Library/Containers/com.modelmakertools.simplemindmacpro/Data/Library/com.modelmakertools.simplemindmacpro/Mind Maps
    • App Store edition SimpleMind Lite: ~Library/Containers/com.modelmakertools.simplemindmacstd/Data/Library/com.modelmakertools.simplemindmacstd/Mind Maps