Step 1: Connect SimpleMind Pro for Android to your Nextcloud server.

  • Open SimpleMind and tap the menu to open the Mind Map Explorer.
  • Tap the navigation tab.
  • Tap “Setup Clouds”.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • Enter the server, username and password and click “Done”.
  • This adds Nextcloud in the Mind Map explorer.

Step 2: Copy existing local mind maps to Nextcloud.

Local mind maps are not synchronized with Nextcloud. To store and sync an (existing) local mind map on Nextcloud, copy the local mind maps. This is a one-time copy.

  • Tap the menu to open the Mind Map explorer.
  • Select Local from the navigations tab.
  • Tap the action bar for the mind map you want to copy.
  • Tap the cloud icon.
  • Select Nextcloud and the folder where to copy the mind map to. Tap “Done”. You will briefly see the notification “Mind Map copied to Cloud”.
  • After copying the mind maps successfully, delete the local mind maps. They are now mere copies. To do so, tap the action bar and tap the delete icon.

Note: You can also copy a mind map from one cloud to another this way.

Step 3: Work directly from Nextcloud

You can now create new mind maps that are synced directly with Nextcloud. All your changes are synced at regular intervals and at shutdown. To manually force synchronization, use the “Synchronize with Nextcloud” command via the (overflow) menu in the mind map explorer.


  • Open mind maps from within SimpleMind only.
    Opening a mind map from outside SimpleMind will import the mind map as a new local mind map.
  • Collaboration
    Real time collaboration is not (yet) possible. Only one person a time should edit a mind map. If two persons edit the mind map at the same time a duplicate copy will be created to prevent any losses.