Use SimpleMind Viewer to open Mind Maps created with SimpleMind Pro. View mind maps and use features such as collapse branches, see the mind map as an outline, show notes and more.

Want to create or edit mind maps? Get SimpleMind Pro instead.

Download SimpleMind Viewer now!

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SimpleMind Viewer is free. You do not need to create an account or share your data. On iPad&iPhone you can use the free version of SimpleMind to view mind maps.
SimpleMind Viewer for Mac and Windows


With SimpleMind Viewer, you can:

  • View mind map maps
  • See the mind map outline
  • Read notes
  • Collapse and expand topics for easier viewing
  • Use zoom in to view content in detail.
  • Use Autofocus to block out distractions
  • Follow links to web sites and contacts

Opening mind maps is easy

Locate the mind map and click/tap to open with SimpleMind Viewer. Or on Windows and/or Mac use the main menu – Mind Map – Open and select the mind map.

Editing not possible

Editing,  or creating, mind maps is not possible with SimpleMind Viewer. Purchase SimpleMind instead.