You want to learn Mind Mapping?

Mind Maps are used in wildly different ways. What we provide here is an opinionated vision on Mind Mapping in its purest form. If you are feeling lost when you are trying to master Mind Mapping, use this as a beacon to guide you. If you want to use Mind Mapping in other ways, use this as a starting point in developing your own Mind Mapping style. The most important thing to remember is that any map even vaguely resembling a Mind Map is better than no map at all!

The information provided here starts with defining what a Mind Map is, how to read a Mind Map, how others are using Mind Maps in their daily working life and finally examples of how you can use Mind Mapping in your own day-to-day activities.

  • To understand the fundamental principles behind a mind map, read Mind Mapping Basics.
  • To understand how to read and understand the contents of a Mind Map take a look at Reading a Mind Map.
  • To find out how Mind Mapping works for our customers in their daily working life, look into Case Studies
  • To learn how to use Mind Mapping for Daily Activities, study some Examples