You want to learn Mind Mapping?

Perhaps you have been making maps up till now and wondered whether you are “doing it right”. Well the first thing to realize is that any map even vaguely resembling a Mind Map is better than no map at all! Using that as a starting point, we have some interesting material for you to improve your Mind Mapping skills.

We will clearly define what a Mind Map is, how to interpret the information contained in a Mind Map and how to use Mind Mapping in your day-to-day activities.

  • To understand the fundamental principles behind a mind map, read Mind Mapping Basics.
  • To understand how to read and understand the contents of a Mind Map take a look at Reading a Mind Map.
  • For an example of how to make a mind map for managing your to do list, read Things to do.

We realize that Mind Maps are used in wildly different ways. What we have provided here is a very narrow vision on Mind Mapping in its purest form. Use it as a starting point in developing your own Mind Mapping style!