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Analyze & learn

SimpleMind helps you organize your thoughts, remember information and generate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app that is easy to use.  
  • Place topics anywhere you want in the free-form layout.
  • Or use one of the various auto layouts - great for brainstorming.
  • Block out distractions with autofocus.
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Create beautiful Mind Maps

Add color, images and photos to your Mind Map with SimpleMind Pro!
  • Customize topics and lines, add notes, links, checkboxes and much more.
  • Store all your information in one beautiful Mind Map.
  • Share your ideas, for example as a .pdf.
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Latest news

SimpleMind 2.2 released!

Monday August 28, 2023

Unveiling our third app update of 2023 - presenting SimpleMind version 2.2! Discover the Matrix Layout: Introducing an entirely new way to visualize your mind map - the Matrix layout. This layout is made for efficiently presenting your ideas while…

SimpleMind 2.1 has been released

Tuesday April 11, 2023

SimpleMind 2.1 has been released. With this update you can crop images to a shape, for example round or rectangle. We're exciting to have added features so you can experiment with ChatGPT. SimpleMind handles the visual elements of the mind…

Mapping Your Thoughts with ChatGPT

Tuesday April 11, 2023

Streamlining the Transfer of Mind Maps Between ChatGPT and SimpleMind. In a remarkable feat, OpenAI released ChatGPT just four months ago, and within a mere two months, it garnered a user base of over 100 million people. This staggering growth…