Add topics to build your mind map.

  • Add a child topic with a single tap on the add topic "add topic tool" or use "Tab".
    add topics
  • To add a sibling, use the "add sibling tool" sibling tool or "Enter". This adds a new topic to the selected topic's parent.
  • Add another central theme by double-tapping in empty space when nothing is selected.
  • Insert a topic in between two existing topics by using the "Insert Topic" command from the (drop-down) menu. (Not available for iPhone)

Place topics freely

Add new topics anywhere you want in free form layout.
Select a topic and double tap on an empty space. This adds a new child topic where you double tapped. Alternatively, drag and release the add topic tool  or add sibling tool . SimpleMind adds the topic where you release the tool.

Add central themes

To add a new central theme, click in empty space once so no topic is selected. Next double click where you want to add the new central theme.
Tip, use the brainstorm mode to add central themes only.