SimpleMind Pro supports a free-form-layout and 7 auto-layout schemes.
  • The free form layout allows you to organize your ideas exactly how you want it. Manually place topics anywhere you like, in positions that you feel visualizes best the relations with other topics.
  • The auto-layout automatically places and (re)arranges the topics for you. When you add more topics, topics move to make room.
Example of the layouts in SimpleMind Pro

Choose different layout

To change the layout click on the topic where the auto layout starts. This topic is marked with a fork like symbol. Usually, this is the central theme. If you are currently using a free form layout, you can select any topic. Next tap the topic toolbar and layout icon and select the layout and options. An example of an option is the direction, in a horizontal layout you can select that all branches are placed on the right side of the central theme.
If a branch has an auto layout, changing the layout of any of the child topics is not possible. To combine multiple auto layouts in a single mind map start with a free form layout. Next, apply different layouts to the main topics. Or use multiple central themes.

To change the default for any new mind map open "Preferences" - "General Options". This will not affect existing mind maps.