A navigation link is a link to a mind map, a web page, a contact or a file. A topic may only have one navigation link.

To add or remove a link, tap on the topic toolbar  and select link . After you have added the link, the topic will show a navigation icon. Tap on this navigation icon to open the link.

Navigation links

  • Link to a mind map: Links to another mind map on your device on or in a cloud.*
  • Link to a specific topic in a mind map: Use copy/paste link to link to a specific topic in the same or another mind map*. See more in this video .
  • Link to a web page: Links the topic to a web page. Fill out, or copy/paste, the whole internet-address, including http:// or https:// to make the link work.
  • Link to a document in the cloud: When you store the mind map in a built-in cloud you can link to a document in that same cloud. Other devices with access to the same cloud can open these documents.
  • Link to a document on your device (Windows and Mac "SimpleApps" edition only) : A link to a local file is bound to your device or computer and won't open across devices. To overcome this problem, SimpleMind optionally allows uploading a copy of the linked document to a cloud. The link will then actually be a "Link to Document in Cloud" as described above.
  • Link to a contact: (not on Windows) Adds a link to a contact by phone-number or email address. Other devices with the same contact can open the link. If the contact has more than one e-mail address or phone number you can choose where you want to link to. See more in this video .
    Note: If you use different contact apps, use "link by e-mail". Phone numbers need to be exactly the same, if they are not, the link will not work. For example, when Jim's number is (+31) 11 1234567 on your Android and 011-1234567 on your iPhone.
*Note! SimpleMind for Mac (AppStore edition) and SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone are sandboxed. This a security measure from Apple and limits what the AppStore edition of SimpleMind can do. Because of that linking to a file on your own device is not allowed. When working in the files tab you can add a weblink only. On Android this is also secured and therefor not possible to link to files on your Android.