A navigation link is a link to a mind map, a web page, a contact or a file. A topic may only have one navigation link.

To add or remove a link, tap on the topic toolbar  and select link . After you have added the link, the topic will show a navigation icon. Tap on this navigation icon to open the link.

  • Link to a mind map: Links to another mind map
  • Link to a document (on this device or in this cloud): Link to a document on your device.*
  • Link to web page: Links the topic to a web page. Fill out, or copy/paste, the whole internet-address, including http:// or https:// to make the link work. Or instead of using the topic toolbar, simply drag and drop the url onto the topic to add the link.
  • Link to contact: (not on Windows) Add link to a contact, when clicked it will open the contact in your Contacts app. See more in this video .
  • Link to a specific topic in a mind map: Use copy/paste link to link to a specific topic in the same or another mind map. See more in this video .

Using iCloud, SimpleMind for Mac and SimpleMind for iPad&iPhone? Make sure that you link to the SimpleMind folder on iCloud. That way you can open links on all your devices.

* On Android you can upload a document from your device to the cloud if the mind map is stored in a cloud. Linking to the file on your device is not possible because of security reasons.