With SimpleMind you can open mind maps on all your devices. For example, start your mind map on your phone or tablet and continue working on your desktop. The mind map looks the same on all devices. To sync your mind maps SimpleMind uses clouds. This is demonstrated in the video below. Note! You need a license per platform.

Built-in clouds

SimpleMind has built-in support for multiple clouds, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Connect SimpleMind to your cloud and you'll see all your folders and mind maps. Create and open mind maps anywhere in your cloud from within SimpleMind.

Other clouds

Mac and Windows: The cloud app creates and syncs a folder on your computer. SimpleMind can save, and open, mind maps in that folder. Therefor you can use every cloud as long as it has a sync app for Windows or Mac.
iPad&iPhone iOS 13 and up: You can store mind maps in Apple's Files app. iCloud Drive and OneDrive can create and sync a folder in Files. SimpleMind can save, and open, mind maps from the Files. This way you can use iCloudDrive and OneDrive.
Android: This is not available on Android.

Need help connecting to a cloud or copying your local mind maps?

Click on the link in the table below for a step-by-step instruction.

Mac Windows iPad&iPhone Android
Dropbox Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes Yes Yes
OneDrive Yes Yes Yes Yes
iCloud Drive Yes Yes Yes No
坚果云 - Nutstore Yes Yes Yes No
Nextcloud Yes Yes Yes No
Other clouds Yes Yes Maybe* No

* Only if the cloud app creates, and syncs, a folder in Files.