SimpleMind for Mac (SimpleApps edition) and SimpleMind for Windows
  • SimpleMind won’t start, I see a window "Activating SimpleMind Pro".
    This means you still need to activate SimpleMind. Check this video.
  • I purchased SimpleMind Pro, but still see “30-day Trial has expired”.
    The SimpleMind Trial and SimpleMind Pro are two different applications.  Uninstall the trial, or on Mac, delete the SimpleMind This will not delete your mind maps.
  • I am unable to download/the download file is corrupt.
    If you get an error message stating that the downloaded setup file is corrupt, this is either because the download was incomplete, or a virus scanner has blocked the download. You need to temporarily disable the virus scanner and re-download the setup.
SimpleMind for Mac (AppStore edition), iPad&iPhone or Android. 
Download and (re-)install is not handled by SimpleApps, but by the store where you purchased SimpleMind. the store has access to your customer records and payment details. If you have any problems (for example you're asked to pay again for the same platform), please contact the store and/or follow the steps in their help.