The AppStore automatically restores a previous in-app purchase. If this does not seem to work, this may help:
  • There are 2 different apps for Mac in the AppStore, SimpleMind and SimpleMind Pro. Both apps have the exact same features, the only difference is how you purchase the app. Because the AppStore does view them as two different apps your purchase of SimpleMind Pro cannot be restored in SimpleMind.
    If you purchased SimpleMind Pro for Mac, download SimpleMind Pro in the AppStore instead.
  • Did you purchase a license for a different platform, such as iPhone & iPad? That license does not include a Mac license. SimpleMind is a one-time purchase per platform; there are no subscriptions or monthly fees. See this page for a link to the stores.
  • If you very recently used in-app purchase and are having trouble installing on your second Mac, it may be that not all Apple servers “know” you already purchased. Please wait a few hours and restart the app.
  • Make sure you are using the correct Apple ID.
  • Contact Apple should the issue persist.