SimpleMind can search for mind maps, or search inside a mind map.

Search in an opened mind map

Use this to find topics or labels with a specific text. All other topics/labels will be faded, so the search results stand out. The search also applies to the outliner.

Search inside a mind map

Mac: Command+F and enter text.
Windows: Control+F and enter text.
iPad/iPhone/Android: Select “search” from the (overflow) menu and enter text.
Tip: Use the arrows in the search window to move from the first found topic/label to the next and so forth.

Advanced Search in an opened mind map - (Mac, Windows, iPad)

The advanced search can also filter topics by (un)checked state, a specific icon, before a date or after a date. Filters can be combined.
Long press the search tool and check “advanced search”.
Search advanced

Search for mind maps

Mac and Windows: Use the main menu - File - Search in directories. SimpleMind shows a list with the found mind maps.
The first time you use this, select the directories you want SimpleMind to search in, for example "documents" and "Dropbox".
iPad/iPhone/Android:First select the storage, for example, Local or Dropbox. Type the text in the search bar in the toolbar. SimpleMind shows a list with the found mind maps.
Long press the search icon to select “Search Titles” or “Full Text Search”.
If mind maps are stored in iCloud, use the Files app to search for mind maps.