Snap options may assist you in aligning topics when using a free form layout. SimpleMind supports:

  • Snap to grid When snap to grid is enabled, the topic aligns or “snaps to” the grid position, even though the grid itself is not visible. This is useful for accurate placement of topics.
  • Snap to guidelines Guidelines help align topics. When enabled, SimpleMind displays guidelines when a topic aligns with other topics. The guidelines are only displayed when you move a single topic around. See the video below.
    The combination of “center horizontal” and “center vertical” guidelines is usually the best choice to keep topics aligned. Topics always keep the same center, even when you edit the topic text or change the font(size).
    Another useful combination is to horizontal align left and right sides combined with center vertical. However, should you change the topic text (or font size), you'll need to re-align the left or right edges.

Select “Snap Options” in Preferences to change the options.