SimpleMind helps you organize your thoughts, remember information and generate new ideas. We’ve created a beautiful, intuitive app, so you can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want.

Easy to get started

Easily add topics by using  one of the various auto-layouts or enjoy full control by using our unique free form layout. Reorganize and structure your mind map – simply use drag and drop. See new connections and visually link topics.

Make an impact

Mark and show what is important, use checkboxes, progress bars or icons. Add images, photos, labels, borders or highlight information. Add a lot of information in Notes, without cluttering your mind (map).

Stay focussed

Collapse and hide branches to focus on what’s important. Or use SimpleMind’s autofocus to block out distractions and show only the branch you are working on.

Oversight – even in big mind maps

SimpleMind’s versatile Outline shows the whole mind map in an  organized, structured way. Filter topics in one click and show your to-do-list only.


Use the built-in slideshow to present your Mind Map from within SimpleMind. Make your points clear and easy to understand. Keep your audience engaged using your visually attractive mind map instead of plain text.


Change the look of your mind map

Switch easily to a completely different look by changing to a different style sheet or change the details. You can even create your own style sheets to match your company’s corporate identity.

im 1 change stylesheets im2  change borders, lines, colors, background color

Open mind maps on all your devices.

SimpleMind Pro is available for Mac, Windows, iPad&iPhone and Android. Use a cloud (for example Dropbox or OneDrive Personal) so your mind maps will sync automatically. SimpleMind is a one-time purchase per platform, there are no subscriptions or monthly fees!