You can now select a different layout when you are already in an auto layout. For example, switch from a horizontal layout to a linear layout and back.
In the images below you will find some examples of that. In the examples the colors are custom to make the differences stand out more, this does not happen by default.

Switch layouts

You can even switch from an auto layout to a free form layout. The auto layout accommodates for the topics you create in free form, as shown in this image.
New feature switch layout free form

Any topic that starts a (different) layout is now marked with the fork like symbol Layout marker, including a free form layout.


  • You cannot switch from inside an auto layout to a radial layout.
  • You cannot switch from a matrix layout or a radial layout to a different layout.
  • To clear the layout select the same topic again and choose “From Parent”. Optionally use multiple select to select multiple (or all) topics.
  • Mac and Windows: When moving topics in a free form layout you may find that the topic reconnects when it is close to a branch in an auto layout. To prevent this press the Ctrl key while dragging a topic .