Flashcards are used for testing and improving memory through practiced information retrieval. It is also an effective way of testing if you master the information. With SimpleMind you can do the same and you will be able to easily check your progress. Also as long as you have your device, you can practice anywhere and anytime!

Start by making the flashcards.

Making flashcards is a way for you to process the information, challenging you to think about both the question or cue and the answer. If needed, make chapters or themes.
The images in this tutorials are made with SimpleMind Pro for Mac, so it may look a little bit different on your device.

  • Start by making a new blank mind map. Select the central theme and apply a horizontal layout using the topic toolbar.
    Flashcard layout
  • Select a horizontal layout and scroll down to select “Manually position branches”.
    Flashcard direction
  • Start by adding themes, next add cues and answers. When possible replace text with images to remember even better.
  • Select the central theme, long press the collapse tool Collapse or expand and select Full collapse to collapse all levels. Click once on the collapse tool to see all questions.
    Quiz using flashcards
    Now you’re all set to…


  • Answer the question out loud. Click the collapase/expand buttonClick to expand to check if you were right. If yes, drag and drop the question to the right side. If not, leave it and revisit it again during that study session.
    Left are the mastered flashcards
  • End the session by dragging using full collapse again, so you can start fresh.
  • Repeat this. Often. It may seem overwhelming at first but with repetition, you will remember more and more.


You can also hide and show instead of collapse. Read more here.
In this example we have used the Stylesheet Compact Grey, but you can use any stylesheet, see some examples below.
Flashcard spring
Flashcards Steel