SimpleMind Pro can share (export) mind maps in different formats.


Exporting as an image shows the mind map like you see it in SimpleMind. We recommend using .pdf format to share with others in the best quality.
Use other image formats, for example .png, to import the image in a word processor or other app.
Because an image shows the mind map  as you see it, notes are not visible. If needed, add a notes report (see below)


Notes report

This creates a .pdf with only topics with notes. Use this in combination with the image of the mind maps to share everything in the mind map with others.


Hierarchy outline

Click to open .pdf

Use this to create a  .pdf that shows all topics and their hierarchy. You can choose to include or exclude notes, checkboxes, dates or numbering.



Click to open .pdf

To see everything you still need to do,  and/or everything you already did, make a .pdf checklist.


Text or .html outline


Use this format to import the file in word processors, use an .html outline. The .html outline includes links and notes.


Original format

Export one time in original .smmx format to share your mind maps with others that have SimpleMind Pro. When using SimpleMind on multiple devices, use a cloud rather than sending files back and forth.


Website - Windows Only

This creates a zip archive with .html pages containing clickable elements for notes, full size images and links. The zip archive includes all linked mind maps, full size images and linked documents. Click to see an example.
Note! Check the zip before you share, to prevent sending someone information you did not want to share.


Other mind map programs

It is possible to share as basic Freemind (.mm) or opml files. Opml is supported by most outliner and mind mapping apps, Freemind is supported by most mind mapping apps. This exports only the most basic information like text, notes and hierarchy. Any additional information, such as images will be discarded.

Main Menu → Mind Map → Export Mind Map → opml or mm


SimpleMind Viewer for Windows

The free SimpleMind Viewer for Windows can be installed on any Windows computer. It allows you to view mind maps that were created with SimpleMind Pro. For example, share your mind map with a colleague that does not have SimpleMind. This way you can view mind maps, read notes, see the outline, expand and collapse branches and follow links. Free download from this page. Note! If the mind map is local, first export it in Original format.

Export slides

After making a slideshow, use "Export Slides" to export all slides as .png images. When using "Export Sildes" SimpleMind will create a .zip with all the .png images for your convenience. Create a slide show in one click