Select a topic and tap the toolbar icon  to bring up the topic toolbar.
topic with topic toolbar The topic toolbar is optimised for each platform and differs slightly per platform.

copy Copy - copies the selected topic and branch to the clipboard.
iPad&iPhone and Android: "Copy as outline text" copies the complete mind map as text. Copy branch as outline will copy that branch only.
Cut Delete Cut or delete - cuts the selected topic and branch to the clipboard.
Paste - the pasted topics are added as a child to the selected topic.
iPad&iPhone and Android: Shows options "Paste as Central Theme" and "Paste text as list".
Element style Open the style panel.
Add icon Add an icon.
Add image or video Add an image. On Android and iPad/iPhone you can also record a video.
Add a label or a call-out.
Add a navigation link.
voice_memo_24 Record a voice memo. SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone and Android only.
Select checkboxes or progress bars.
Set date Set date.
Display a group border or branch border.
Change the layout.
Crosslink Add a cross-link.