SimpleMind Pro can store mind maps in every folder. As a result, you can store mind maps in a folder that is synchronized by a cloud service e.g. iCloudDrive or the Dropbox app. The cloud app needs to be installed.

  • Mac
    Use Finder, or the “open” command in SimpleMind, to open a mind map. The mind map opens in the "Files" tab in SimpleMind.
    use any cloud or folder

  • Windows
    Mind maps can be opened via
    • the File Explorer or cloud app. Mind maps opened in this way are displayed in the Files tab in SimpleMind.
    • the cloud tab in SimpleMind. Connect SimpleMind to the cloud or folder. This creates a (cloud) tab in SimpleMind. Open the mind maps via the cloud tab.
  • iPad&iPhone
    Open mind maps via the Files app, the Cloud app or SimpleMind. Those mind maps are displayed in the "Files" tab in SimpleMind.

Note: The AppStore editions are sandboxed. When you open a mind map this way, adding or opening links to external documents or mind maps is not possible.

Tip! To copy an existing local mind map to "Files", export the mind map. On iPad&iPhone tap "Share" - "Open in.." and then select the Files app. On desktop, use the main menu "Mind Map" - "Export Mind Map". Select .smmx and choose the location.