To add an image drag and drop it onto the topic (not available on Android) or tap on the topic toolbar and the image icon add image.
After adding the image, use the resize tool hold and drag to resize to make the image bigger or smaller.


When adding images you can choose to:

Add image in topic

This adds an image inside the topic.
Add image in topic


Add topic with image

This adds a new transparent child topic without borders, showing the image only.
Add image - add topic with image

Add image

This adds an image outside the topic. The image has no visible connection to the topic.
Add image
The image is anchored to topic: if you move the topic, the image moves along with it. Drag and drop the image to another topic to anchor the image to that other topic.
In free form layout drag an image and move it anywhere on the mind map. In auto layout drag an image to change the distance between the topic and the image.

Add linked image

This also adds an image outside the topic, but tapping it opens a larger image. Depending on where the mind map is stored you can choose to:

  • Link to source. The thumbnail links back to the original image’s current location.*
  • Upload to cloud. A copy of the image is uploaded in the same directory as the mind map.*
  • Include in Mind Map file. A copy of the image is stored in your mind map file. This means you can always see the full-size image, even when you share the mind map with someone else. However, this increases the size of your mind map file. Large mind maps can take very long to synchronize via clouds.
  • *The AppStore editions have more security measures, therefor links can open on that device only. This means when you add a link on iPhone, you may not be able to open the linked image on your iPad or Mac.



  • Use large images with discretion, it demands a lot more from your device and your internet connection.
  • On touchscreens use 2-finger-swipe to move the mind map instead of the image or topic. Or use the lock icon to lock the image to a fixed position.
  • Mac and Windows: Press and hold “Shift” to scale the image instead of resizing.
  • Images can be cropped to a shape via Element Style.
    Crop to shape