Add icons to topics via the topic toolbar. An icon is small image shown inside the topic. A topic has one icon at most.
Icon in a topic

Add an icon to a topic

  • Mac and Windows: First show the icon inspector, to do so click on Add icon in the top right corner or use the main menu. Click a topic and the click on the icon you want to add.
  • iPad & iPhone and Android: Select the topic and tap on the toolbar icon and the icon button Add icons. Tap on any icon to add it to the selected topic.

Adding custom icons

To add custom icons open the icon picker and select the "Custom Icons" tab.

  • Mac and Windows:Click on "Edit Icons". This enables the edit mode. Use "Add" to select one or more images. Click "Edit Icons" again to exit the edit mode.
  • iPad&iPhone: Tap "Edit Custom Icons". This opens the custom icon editor. On the top toolbar tap "+" to add a new icon, for example from the camera roll. Tap "Back" to exit the custom icons editor.
  • Android: Use the commands in the top toolbar: "Image from Gallery", "Take a small picture" or "Image from file".
SimpleMind reduces custom icons to a maximum of 240 pixels wide or high.

The 4 tabs and Emojis(Mac 10.13+, Android, iPad&iPhone)

The icon inspector has four tabs to easily select icons. The first tab show recently used icons and all icons in this mind map. The second tab show the defaults icons, the third emojis and the last one shows your custom icons.
Icon inspector

Adding Emojis (Mac, Android, iPad&iPhone)
  • Mac: Click "Edit" and click the + icon. This opens the character viewer (you'll see emojis). Drag and drop the emojis into the list. Tap edit again.
  • iPad&iPhone: Tap "Edit" and tap the + icon. You'll see the emoji keyboard. Enter (multiple) emojis and tap the "+" icon. Tap done.
  • Android: Tap "Add" and click the + icon. You'll see the emoji keyboard, or on some Android devices first select Emojis on your keyboard. Enter (multiple) emojis and tap "done".