Mind maps are saved on your device or a cloud of choice, such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive. You can make as many mind maps as you want. The free editions can save mind maps on your device only.

Mac or Windows
Each time you create a new document, you name it and choose where to save it — for example on your desktop or in a folder. If you choose to save the mind map in a cloud folder, such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive, the cloud app syncs the changes with the cloud.
Make sure to install the cloud app from the cloud's website first, unless you use iCloud Drive.

Mac: When using iCloud Drive and SimpleMind Pro for iPhone&iPad, save mind maps in the SimpleMind folder created by SimpleMind for iPad&iPhone (the folder with the SimpleMind icon). The reason is that SimpleMind is not allowed to access any files outside that one SimpleMind folder as a security measure by Apple.

When you first start SimpleMind Pro or used in-app purchase, SimpleMind will ask if you want to use iCloud Drive. If you do, this will create a SimpleMind folder in iCloud Drive where mind maps will be saved.

If you decline using iCloud Drive the mind maps will be saved on this device only (Local). If something happens to your device, you will no longer be able to access your mind maps.
Alternatively, select one of the built-in clouds to sync your mind maps with a cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive. See how to connect to a cloud.

SimpleMind for Android can save mind maps on your device (Local) or in a built-in cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Mind maps saved in a cloud will be synced with that cloud.
See how to connect to a cloud.