Share in .smmx format:
Share in original .smmx format via e-mail or another app. The other person can open the .smmx mind map with SimpleMind Pro. It does not matter if that is SimpleMind Pro for Mac, Windows, Android or iPad&iPhone.

Use a shared cloud folder: To avoid sending mind maps back and forth use a shared cloud folder.
Note! SimpleMind does not support real time editing, only one person should edit the mind map at the same time to avoid copies.

  • If you haven't already, store your Mind Map in a cloud.
  • Share a folder via the cloud's website. The person(s) you shared the mind map with may need to accept your invite.
  • Store mind maps you want to share in that shared folder so everyone can open and edit those mind maps.
  • Google Drive works in a different way, it shows folders that are shared with you in "Shared with you". Google Drive does not display this folder in the Google Drive app for Desktops, so you cannot use this on Desktop.