We’re pleased to share that SimpleMind is the winner of the award for the Best App for secondary school children!

There’s something blissfully simple about a mind map. And that simplicity is what makes the SimpleMind app so effective. The app does exactly what you’d expect it to – it’s an app purely for making mind maps – about any topic or subject, big or small.
As well as the basics, there are some extra features that make SimpleMind so great. As well as mind maps, students can make flowcharts and other chart styles. There is also a dark mode for late-night studiers, and the option to share your creations with friends and classmates.

That’s why Learning Ladders has chosen us as Best App for secondary school children in ‘Best Educational Apps for Children and Teachers’ awards!

Thank you to the award panel, which featured teachers, school leaders, and EdTech entrepreneurs.

By: Linda