Unveiling our third app update of 2023 – presenting SimpleMind version 2.2!

Discover the Matrix Layout: Introducing an entirely new way to visualize your mind map – the Matrix layout. This layout is made for efficiently presenting your ideas while conserving space.

Labels Inside Topics: Now, you have the power add even more depth into your topics. Embed labels directly within them to integrate supplementary information. Rearrange labels through simple drag and drop, allowing you to present your content just the way you want.

Auto Left/Right Text Alignment for auto layouts: As your mind map evolves, the text aligns itself from the central theme outwards.

Clipboard Magic – Transform copied content from your clipboard into a new mind map, instantly. It works seamlessly with copied opml code from ChatGPT, transforming raw ideas into SimpleMind Mind Maps.

To explore all these exciting new features, simply select your platform.

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By: Linda