Version 2.1 – Released 11 April 2023

  • Images can be cropped to a shape via Element Style.
    Crop to shape
  • You can now add multiple cross-links between any two topics.
    new feature add crosslink to parent
  • …and add cross-links between parent and child topics.
    New feature Add crosslink to parent
  • Use ChatGPT to help you create mind maps. We have added features to streamline exchanging information between ChatGPT and SimpleMind. Read more in this post or in this support article.
  • Creating a new mind map on iCloud Drive lets you input the file name.
  • Full text search on iCloud Drive supported
  • Bugs fixed:“New mind map from selection” works on Mind Maps stored in Files
  • In addition to the the SimpleMind Viewer for Mac and Windows, SimpleMind for iPad&iPhone (free edition) can now be used as a viewer making it easier to share your mind map with people who do not have a paid edition of SimpleMind. Read more…


Version 2.0
Released 9 January 2023

  • We redesigned the way SimpleMind works with Mind Map files, making it easier for you to find, open and save your files. Read more…
  • Native iCloud support. Choose to store mind maps directly in iCloud
  • Link to mind maps and documents in iCloud
  • iOS 16 supported
  • General improvements and minor bug fixes.


Version 1.32 – Released 7 September 2022

  • Version 1.32.1 – Released 10 September 2022
    • iOS 11 and 12 related crash fixed.
  • “Add Image in Topic” or “Add Image” adds the image directly to the mind map. No need to select thumbnail size or the linked image size. Read more…
  • The image now maintains the same quality when resizing. Enlarging the image increases the number of pixels ensuring your newly added image still looks good.
    New features
  • An “Image in Topic”, this used to be called embedded image, can be as large as 640*640.
  • Adding images results in large mind maps, this can take longer to sync.
  • “Add Linked Image” adds an image as in previous versions: a thumbnail in the mind map opens the full-size image.
  • Use Preferences to set the default size and density for new images.
  • On iPad, view and edit Notes in a Note panel on the right side of the screen. Use “Note” in the menu to open or close the panel.
    New feature Note panel iPad
  • Linking to documents is now available in the Local and the Files tab. Add links to documents on your device or iCloud etc., links can be opened on that device only.
    New feature Links
  • Linking to mind maps is now available in the Files tab as well. Links can be opened on that device only.
  • Improved look of Labels.
    New features rounded labels
  • SimpleMind supports Quick Look thumbnails and previews. When using the Files app (or other apps that support Quick Look) you’ll see a thumbnail or preview for .smmx Mind Map files.
  • In Preferences disable “Center Connected Central themes” to show the bracket like shape. This bracket will be applied when using a free form or horizontal layout, with a “baseline” or “right-left” connection and has a border. An example of this is “Naturals+Colors”.

    new features center connecten
  • General improvements and minor bug fixes.


Version 1.31 – Released 10 January 2022

  • The style sheets have been updated with a fresh new look.

  • The built-in style sheets support dark mode, meaning if you switch to dark mode the style sheet will as well.

  • Change the default style sheet setting using the settings button in style sheets. Optionally use classic styles if you prefer the previous style sheets.
  • When making your own stylesheets you can set set levels for topics and relations. For example, set the first 2 topic levels to “rounded” and the rest to “none”.
    new features in custom stylesheet
  • Advanced search added. Search for checked state, any or a specific icon and topics with a date range.
  • Topics have more padding and there is more room in-between icons, checkboxes, topic text and links — making it easier to read and maintain oversight.
    More room inside topic
  • The hide tool will be displayed in central themes (if “display hide tool for topics” is checked in Preferences – Advanced Options – Topic Tools)
  • General improvements and minor bug fixes.

SimpleMind is also available for Mac and Windows.
Read more…


Version 1.30.0 – Released 11 October 2021

  • Version 1.30.3 – Released 8 November 2021
    • Edit (embedded) Apple Pencil drawings made with 1.30.3.
    • Support for screenshots to capture the entire mind map as a Full Page PDF.
    • Minor bugs fixed
  • Watch Video on Youtube Use the Apple pencil to add drawings as images.
  • Use the keyboard accessory toolbar to quickly add a drawing as a new topic.
    iPad add drawing as topic
  • Use the new Full Screen Button to easily switch to full screen on iPad. Long press for options.
    ipad full screen editing
  • Improved look of topics with borders in the Natural Stylesheets.
  • The icon inspector shows recently used icons and all icons used in this mind map.
    iPad recently used icons
  • Reorder stocks icons and stylesheets by tapping on “edit”, next use drag and drop.
  • Google Drive now includes “Shared with me”. This shows files and folders that you do not own, but that have been shared with you. In SimpleMind navigate to the root of Google Drive to see the folder “My Drive” and “Shared with me”.
    shared with me
  • Word wrap improved for far east languages.
  • Maximum thumbnail size increased to 640 pixels.
    Note! Adding large thumbnails can slow down performance and take longer to sync.
  • Thumbnails can be locked to a fixed position via the lock icon. This is especially useful when working on small devices.On smaller devices use two-finger-swipe to move the mind map when you see only the thumbnail and the image is not locked.
  • Swipe from the side to open the list with mind maps. Swipe from other side to open the inspector.
  • Improvements to the look and feel of mind maps.
  • Voice memos can be used in built-in clouds only.
  • General improvements and minor bug fixes.


Version 1.29 – Released 3 May 2021

  • Version 1.29.1 – Released 3 June 2021
    • Auto Derive Stroke Color added to Style Inspector
    • Minor bugs fixed
  • New brainstorm bar: designed to quickly get ideas on the canvas. It frees you from having to think about where each idea belongs within your mind map, and enables you to focus on idea generation. Once done, order your ideas using drag and drop. Read more…
  • InApp unlocked Pro functionality now supports Family Sharing


Version 1.28

  • Version 1.28.3 – Released 3 March 2021
    • Thai translation
    • UI modernized
    • Long press to see context menus, for example in the mind map explorer, stylesheets etc.
    • Three-finger gestures supported
  • Version 1.28.2 – Released 25 January 2021
    • Arabic translation
  • Version 1.28.1 – Released 11 December 2020
    • fixes iOS14 related problems with editing notes.
  • Version 1.28.0 – Released 7 Dec 2020
  • OneDrive support Built-in cloud support for OneDrive. Connect SimpleMind to OneDrive and you’ll see all your existing folders and mind maps. With the built-in support you can now add links to mind maps, documents and images.
  • Sort Local Mind Maps by name or date.
  • New command Checkboxes | Reset state. Sets checkboxes to unchecked, and progress bars to 0.
  • Using latest Dropbox API
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • This update requires iOS 11.0 or later.


Version 1.27 – Released 24 August 2020

  • New Radial layout.
    Radial layout new feature
  • New Stylesheet “Colored Circles”, looks great with the new radial layout.
  • New Linear layout, great for making simple timelines.
    Blue steel stylesheet timeline layout
  • New Stylesheet “Blue Steel”, with a cool flat look.
  • Use emojis icons in topics. “Icons” has a new tab “Emojis” where you can add your choice of emojis. Read more…
    Add emojis as icons
  • The “external link” icon is tinted.
    Topic with link icon and checkbox
  • New Topic border styles: circle, left arrow, right arrow and parallelogram.
    Topic shapes and topics with custom width
  • The minimum width and height for topics can be set via element style or the new topic resize tool. This allows manual sizing of topics.
  • Enable the “topic resize tool” via Preferences | General | Topic Tools.
  • New keyboard shortcut “Remove checkbox” Shift+Ctrl+Space
  • When playing Slideshow, tap left or right in the mind map to go the the previous or next slide.
  • iPhoneLink removed
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements


Version 1.26 – Released 21 April 2020

  • Open a blank mind map or start from a template.
    • 11 predefined templates available.
      templates ipad
    • Add your own templates. Read more…
  • Calendar
    • Export topics with checkboxes to Reminders.
    • Export topics with a date as events to Calendar.
    • Export topics with a date as .ics events. This can be imported in calendar apps.
    • Read how to.
    • Use the topic toolbar and select “add date” to add a New Event in Calendar. That date will be shown in the topic.
  • Path style “rounded” added.
    Rounded lines
  • Transparent .png image export.
  • New layout directions for the List Layout: “Top – Right to Left” and “Top – Left to Right”.
  • iPad: Double tap a topic in the outline view to edit the topic in the mind map editor.
  • iPhone: Double tap a topic in the outline view to close outline and select topic in the mind map editor.
  • Show dates, or filter topics with dates, in export outline and print outline.
  • Paste on collapsed topics.
  • Keyboard shortcut added: Ctrl+Space toggles checked state of checkbox.
  • Deleting a mind map in Google Drive moves the mind map to trash, rather than deleting the mind map permanently.
  • Mind Map Style restored in the tools dropdown (overflow) menu.
  • Small bug fixes and improved performance.