Version 1.24 – in development

  • These features are available as v1.23.5 beta for registered customers.
  • Slideshow support in inspector. Define slides by selecting topics and play slideshow inside SimpleMind or export as zipped set of .png images
    New Features Slideshow
  • Improved toolbar images

Version 1.23.0 – Released 15 April 2019

  • Version 1.23.1 – released 30 April 2019. Fixes bugs and introduces dark mode user interface support.
    Dark mode on SimpleMind for Windows
  • Save and open mind maps anywhere on your computer.
    • Save mind map files in any directory.
    • Open mind map via Windows Explorer
    • Open mind maps via “Mind Map | Open”.
    • Mind maps opened via Windows Explorer or “Open” are shown in the Files tab.
    • Mind Maps on Files tab behave like in a cloud, links are stored relative to mind map file.
  • Notes have Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get) rich text support:
    Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-through, Superscript and Subscript.
  • Windows edition: Wysiwyg rich text is not displayed in topics and labels.
  • UI Modernized.
    • The size of the icons in the toolbars are adjustable via Preferences | General | Use Large Images. (not on high density screens)
    • Style sheet selector in inspector. The size of the preview thumbnail is adjustable.
  • “Natural+Colors on Black” stylesheet added
  • Auto Focus can include cross linked topics.
  • Group borders
    • Display a group border around any group of topics. Read more…

    • Improved appearance of branch borders
    • Branch borders can be added to central themes.
  • Topics support dashed line styles (via style toolbar – Line width)
  • Checkboxes: Reset state – checkboxes are unchecked, progress bars are set to 0.
  • Drag drop rearrange topics in auto layout mode no longer fully expands dragged topics
  • Extract Images from Mind Maps: reduces mind map file size, via menu Topic | Image.
  • Hide/Show mind map editor status bar
  • External directories allow sorting on name or sort on date (like previously) via context menu.
  • New mind map for Cloud asks for file name rather than using “New Mind Map”.
  • Option ” Apply default Word Wrap” also controls importing text, .mm, .opml and .pdf
  • Bug fixed: related to directories containing &

Version 1.22.0 – Released 4 Dec 2018

  • Improved display in internal Image Preview.
  • Optionally use system default application for previewing images: Preferences | Images
  • Removed options for shadow support in mind maps
  • Bug fixed: export as web site would not insert back links between linked mind maps.

Version 1.21 – Released 22 Aug 2018

  • Open multiple Mind Maps with “View | Open in New Window”. Default shortcut Control+O. Read more…
  • Crosslinks can be used to make a summary or merge paths (A in image below).
  • Manually toggle the crosslink style via “Toggle cross link style” in the relation toolbar . You can use this to style as a “normal” crosslink or to style as a hierarchical relation and merge paths or make a summary. Read more..
  • Export as Website: creates a zip archive with html pages containing clickable elements for notes, full size images and links. Includes linked mind maps. Click to see an example.
  • Maximum image thumbnail size increased to 480 pixels.
  • Press Alt-key to force scrolling rather than moving elements. This can be used when an image leaves no empty space to scroll.
  • Allows Drag-Drop on collapsed topics.
  • Hide Inspector Ctrl+0 replaces Toggle Inspector F9
  • Default style fonts for Chinese + Korean changed. Fixes pdf export problems.
  • Bug fixed: scrolling collapsed / hidden elements visible in auto layout could result in wrong scroll position

 Version 1.20 – Released 13 Feb 2018

  • Version 1.20.2 – released 14 March 2018: (H)DPI aware, bug fixes.
  • Translated into 11 languages: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Change language in Preferences | General | User Interface Language.
  • Breadcrumb bar in External Directory Explorers (Dropbox etc) for quick navigation between folders.
  • Inplace text editor changes:
    Press “Escape” to cancel editing, for a new topic also cancels topic creation
    Press “Enter” to accept any text, including empty text for a new topic (no longer cancels topic creation when text left empty)
  • Order Up (Ctrl+PageUp) reconnects the selected topic to its parent parent (grand-parent).
  • Default Layout Direction for new mind maps can be set in Preferences | General
  • Bug fixed: Local Mind Maps “Empty trash” could result in random errors.

Version 1.19.0 – Released 5 Dec 2017

  • Drag drop images and text from other apps is much improved.
    • drop images from the (Chrome) browser on the mind map editor.
    • drop an image on a topic to add as a floating image, an embedded image or an icon.
    • drop an image in empty space to add a floating image or a new topic with an embedded image.
    • drop text from other apps to add a child or central theme.
  • The Top-Down auto layout has 2 new layout directions, Top-RightToLeft and Bottom-RightToLeft.
  • Outliner shows dates and has a filter to show only topics with a date set.
  • Default Word Wrap, long press wrap tool or Ctrl+W. Read more…
  • Import Mind Map added to main menu
  • Natural file name sorting in explorers.
  • Small bugs fixed


Version 1.18.0 – Released 8 August 2017

  • Progress bar checkboxes (0% – 100%) and roll-up progress checkboxes (progress automatically calculated by averaging progress from children).
  • Set a date for a topic.
  • Mind Map Editor search bar (in advanced mode) allows searching for topics with a date before or after a certain date.

  • Insert Sibling Topic: similar to add sibling, but orders new sibling before current topic in parent. In auto layout mode the position on the mind map page is set accordingly.
  • You’ll get a warning when delete/cut results in an empty mind map.
  • Bugs fixed.


Version 1.17.0 – Released 17 July 2017

  • Print a mind map across multiple pages:

  • Print or export Selected branches only.
  • Print or export the outline. Click image to see the .pdf
    Click to open .pdfClick to open .pdf

  • The font used in Print / Export Outline is adjustable in Preferences | Fonts.
  • Checkboxes in Outline.

  • Live Checklist, TODO list and DONE list added in Outline.

  • Optionally disable markdown based text filtering in Preferences | General.
  • Choose .png quality from normal to extra high.
  • Open Windows Character Map from main menu Edit
  • Bug fixed: in some cases text could be painted outside the topic’s box.


Version 1.16.0 – Released 18 April 2017

  • Labels can have Call-out styles.
    Labels and call outs
  • Tapered line styles added.
  • Standard style sheet Natural + Colors uses Auto Tapered line style.
  • New Flat Stock Icons, existing icons available on “Classic” tab.
  • Rectangular lasso select topics: Ctrl+Drag selects, Shift+Ctrl+Drag extends selection.
  • Auto scroll support for node well, moving elements and lasso selection.
  • Make topics and labels underline or strikethrough (via font style).
  • The Windows edition is currently not capable of displaying Rich Text as used on other platforms. The Windows edition instead displays the text by filtering out the markdown characters: “*bold*” is displayed as “bold” (** filtered out).
  • Word Wrap tool maintains paragraphs and lists (markdown syntax).
  • Option “Apply Word Wrap” controls default word wrap when adding topics and labels.
  • Support for CMYK jpeg images.
  • Bugs fixed


Version 1.15.0 – Released 29 November 2016

  • Use Google Drive to synchronize with other devices
  • Diamond and Cloud border shapes
  • Redesigned Preferences panel
  • Toggle Checked State, assures checkbox is visible then toggles checked state. Default shortcut Ctrl+Space
  • Improved support for multi-touch screens:
    • Pinch Zoom gesture supported
    • Press-and-tap shows context menu
    • Two-finger-tap starts branch selection (instead of long press on topic)
    • All tool tips can be disabled via Preferences | General tab
  • Rounded corners in angled paths
  • Order Forward and Order Backward also works for Topics. Default keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down
  • Improved handling of saving with cloud sync apps that lock mind map files while uploading.
  • Bugs fixed.


Version 1.14.0 – Released 18 July 2016

  • Outliner – in the Inspector panel on the right, depicted in the image below. The Outliner synchronizes with the selection in the editor. Particularly useful when Searching in the Mind Map. Use drag & drop in the outline to reorder topics.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Show Outline Ctrl+1, Show Note Ctrl+2 allow fast switching between topics in outline and note.
  •  Angled relation paths and Adjustable relation paths. Read more…
  • New build-in style sheet: Chart (angled paths + arrows)
  • Relation style presets, create and apply adjusted relation styles
  • Paste Text as List and Import .txt files. Each new line creates a new topic, leading tabs are interpreted as hierarchy level.
  • “Enable Snap Options” check added to Snap Options. Snap to guide lines and snap to grid are only active when this option is checked. Pressing the Ctrl-key while dragging a topic, temporarily inverts this option. This allows easy enabling/disabling the snap feature in specific cases. New command “Toggle Enable Snap Options”, Ctrl+G, inverts this option without opening the Options Panel.
  • Removed “reorder topics” panel, reordering sibling order is now more conveniently done with the outliner.
  • (URL) Link detection in note panel
  • Improved spell checking for entire Mind Map
  • Max font sizes in note panel and topic properties panel increased (24)
  • Improved unhide marker position, improved arrow positions for unhide markers.
  • Bug fixed that made cross links appear initially as a straight line


Version 1.13.0 – released 2 May 2016

  •  Layout Direction options (Auto, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Manual) for auto layout modes.
  •  Snap to guide lines and/or grid, available from editor status bar
  • Auto focus, available from editor status bar. See image below:
  • (Tinted) Collapsed and Hidden topic markers are clickable tools, also when the topic is not selected (see image below).
  • Option “Display Hide tool for topics” shows hide tool for topic and moves collapse tool and collapse markers to opposite side (see image above).
  • Long press Hide/show tool shows hide/show options (hide children , full hide etc.)
  • Navigation History (most recently used mind maps) in drop down menu for “Back” button
  • User defined custom colors in the color dialogs are saved between sessions
  • Ctrl+Drop a (file) link to add a linked child topic (rather than linking the topic)
  • Apply the first 8 style presets with (customizable) keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+F1 .. Ctrl+F8
  • Bugs fixed.


Version 1.12.0 – released 7 March 2016

  •  Embedded images in topics
  • Tinted checkboxes: topic check boxes appear in the topic’s stroke color (see image below). Change via Mind Map Style | Custom check box color. Defining (near) white as custom checkbox color results in plain black and white checkboxes
  • New style added: “Natural + Colors”, colorful paths without topic boxes (see image above)
  •  Advanced search options in Mind Map editor: search for checkbox state (unchecked, checked) or icon
  •  Pdf bookmark extraction: Import pdf, Convert .pdf to mind map, link to bookmark in pdf document, support for linking to “page=number” in pdf links
  • Add Icon from File, add a custom icon without adding it to the custom icons library
  • Style sheet selector shows preview images.
  • Improved lines in auto Top Down layout
  • Double click in empty space adds a Central Theme when nothing is selected
  • Navigate command added, acts as if clicked on the link icon, default Ctrl+H
  • Option to either scroll or zoom on Ctrl+Wheel
  • Improved speech recognition
  • Toggle Mind Map Explorer (F8) and restoring Explorer closed state
  • Performance improvement for dashed lines in low zoom factors.


Version 1.11.0

  • Auto Layout added: Horizontal, Vertical, List, Top Down.
  • Use drag-drop to rearrange Topic order in auto layout modes.
  • Default Layout Mode for new Mind Maps in Global Style Options.
  • Manual Align tools removed (conflicting with auto layout)
  • Keyboard navigation with arrow keys improved.
  • Select All Topics, Relations, Images etc. added to main menu.
  • Rotate and Flip in Add Image dialog


Version 1.10.0

  • Multiple Selection support for all relevant commands.
  • Align tools added
  • Main window shows current mind map name in caption.
  • Bugs fixed


Version 1.9.9

  •  Display Branch Borders
  • Link to specific page in a local .pdf file.
  • Display and play back Voice Memos inside topics – as recorded using SimpleMind for android or SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone
  • Transparent fill color support in topics and labels
  • Device and platform independent rendering.
  • Upload to Cloud in Add Document Link
  • Double tap on Image opens the full size image – the image link tool was removed
  •  Editor Scale Factor, allows scaling editor rather than adjusting font sizes.
  • Opml and Freemind files imported as implicit UTF-8
  • Bug fixed.


Version 1.9.8

  •  Copy / Paste Link to Topic allows linking to a specific topic in any mind map
  •  Hide/Show Branch support
  • Improved Navigation History
  • Add icon as custom image in Icon Picker pop up menu
  • Configurable external image viewer in Image options