Version 1.24 – Released 2 Sept 2019

  •  Slideshow support. Define slides by selecting topics and play slideshow inside SimpleMind or export as zipped set of .png images. Read more…
    Slideshow Android tablet
  • Auto focus extended with Lock Auto Focus on Selected Branch. The branch remains focused until Auto focus style is changed (disabled etc).
  • Topic dialog uses + and * icons for “add child” and “add sibling” – now also available on smaller devices.


Version 1.23.0 – Released 15 April 2019

  • OneDrive supportOneDrive support added. You can now use OneDrive to synchronize mind maps across devices.
  • Wysiwyg (What you see is what you get ) rich text support in notes, topics and labels.
  • “Natural+Colors on Black” stylesheet added
  • Auto Focus can include cross linked topics.
  • Group borders
    • Display a group border around any set of topics.
    • Improved appearance of branch borders
    • Branch borders can be added to central themes.
  • Topics support dashed line styles (via style toolbar – Line width)
  • Drag drop rearrange topics in auto layout mode no longer fully expands dragged topics
  • Linked documents (images, voice memos etc.) uploaded to same directory in cloud as mind map
  • Minimum Android version increased to 4.0.3 (SDK 15)
  • Bug fixed in cloud explorer listings
  • Bug fixed in Nextcloud support: directory names containing a dot caused problems.


Version 1.22.0 – Released 4 Dec 2018

  • Nextcloud support added.
    You can now use your own Nextcloud based cloud server to synchronize mind maps across devices.
  • Delete command on Relation toolbar
  • Removed options for shadow support in mind maps

Version 1.21 – Released 22 Aug 2018

  • v1.21.2 beta – released 5 Sept 2018. Nextcloud support in beta.
    You can now use your own Nextcloud based cloud server to synchronize mind maps across devices.
  • Version 1.21.1 – released 27 Aug 2018. Fixes an Android 8.1 related crash that occurred when synchronizing to Dropbox or Google Drive when switching away to another app.
  • Select multiple local mind maps and use “Delete”, “Move to folder” or “Copy to Cloud”
  • Crosslinks can be used to make a summary or merge paths (A in image below).
  • Manually toggle the crosslink style via “Toggle cross link style” in the relation toolbar . You can use this to style as a “normal” crosslink or to style as a hierarchical relation and merge paths or make a summary.
  • Maximum image thumbnail size increased to 480 pixels
  • Scroll using 2 or 3 fingers. This can be used when an image leaves no empty space to scroll.
  • Auto Focus mode. Read more…
  • Allows Dropping on collapsed topic.
  • Keyboard zoom: zoom-in, zoom-out keys, Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+], Ctrl+Num Add, Ctrl+Num Subtract
  • Android 8.1 support
  • Add Shortcut to home screen restored for Android 8.0, displays a mind map thumbnail.
  • Dropbox fix: Dropbox does not accept dots in file name, this could cause problems in uploaded and linked documents.
  • Bug fixed: Uploading a linked local document to Dropbox would not work
  • Bug fixed: Scrolling collapsed / hidden elements visible in auto layout could result in wrong scroll position
  • Cloud support internally restructured

Version 1.20.0 – Released 13 Feb 2018

  • Breadcrumb bar in Mind Map Explorers for quick navigation between folders.
  • Import text files (.txt) – Local: import from File; Dropbox, Google Drive: import from Mind Map Explorer.
  • Paste Text as List – in Mind Map editor toolbar “Add” commands
  • Default Layout Direction for new Mind Maps can be set in Preferences | General

Version 1.19 – Released 5 Dec 2017

  • Version 1.19.1: Released 13 Decmeber 2017 fixes bugs reported on v1.19.0
  •  Link to Contact by phone number or email address. Requires permission to access Contacts.
  • Much improved Android 7 multi-window support.
  • Handle text dropped from other apps.
  • The Top-Down auto layout has 2 new layout directions, Top-RightToLeft and Bottom-RightToLeft.
  • Super script and sub script markdown support ^^super^^ ,,sub,, .
  • Markdown text markup commands in action mode bar (popup menu).
  • Outliner shows dates and has a filter to show only topics with a date set.
  • Default Word Wrap (long press wrap tool or Ctrl+W).
  • Minimum Android version 4.0 (Icecream Sandwich)