Our first update for 2020 gives you a new way to start your mind map. You’ll also be to choose from multiple pre-built templates, such as To-Do lists or planners. Of course, you can still start with a blank page.
You can easily add your own templates. Simply create, or open, a mind map and add it to templates.

With SimpleMind 1.26 you can now export dates to a calendar app. It’s an easy way to get reminded when you want to start a task. SimpleMind for Mac and SimpleMind for iPad&iPhone can also share all topics with a checkbox to the Reminders app.

We have added a rounded path style, this will enable you to create different looking mind maps with a softer feel.
Rounded lines
There have been more improvements, please click below for details regarding the new features and changes:
SimpleMind Pro for Mac
SimpleMind Pro for Windows
SimpleMind Pro for iPad/iPhone
SimpleMind Pro for Android

By: Linda