SimpleMind 1.32 is the second free update in 2022. You have asked us to improve image handling and so we did! Images are an important part of mind maps, it helps you remember information and makes the mind map more comprehensive and more beautiful.

When selecting “Add image in topic” or “Add image” the image is added to the mind map directly. No need to select thumbnail size or the linked image size, leaving you more time to create your mind map!
Easily resize the image in your mind map to make it bigger or smaller. In this update resizing increases the number of pixels ensuring your newly added image will look good, even when you enlarge it. Please use with discretion as large images will make the mind map a lot bigger. If you are using a cloud, that may affect syncing.

SimpleMind is a one-time purchase per platform and not subscription based. We would like to thank all of you for spreading the word and sharing SimpleMind with your colleagues , friends, students and family.

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By: Linda