We are happy to announce a new version of SimpleMind for all our supported platforms.

Along with normal bug-fixing, we have primarily focused on supporting iOS 11. There is support for drag and drop from other apps like e.g. Safari and Photos. Also on Android the multi-window support has been much improved and allows text dropped from other apps.

We support linking to a contact by phone number or email address on iPad, Mac and Android. Also new iOS11 capabilities enabled us to support import of bookmarks (table of contents) in a .pdf document to a mind map.

Mind map layout has been enhanced with additional layout directions for Top-Down auto layout.

Markdown support has also seen some enhancements. On iPad and Android there is now a typography toolbar for making text bold, italic etc. Super script and sub script can now be used in markdown aware text using ^^super^^ ,,sub,,

Click below for per platform details regarding the new features and changes:
SimpleMind for Android
SimpleMind for iPad/iPhone
SimpleMind for Mac
SimpleMind for Windows

By: René