Learn about styles (read this first)

How a mind map looks is controlled by styles. The styles control everything, such as colors, topics, lines, font size, and more. Pick a style sheet to set the default […]

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Voice memo (iPad&iPhone and Android)

Add a voice memo to a topic to record and play back audio. To add a voice memo, select a topic. Use the topic toolbar and tap the voice memo […]

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Video recordings (iPad&iPhone and Android)

SimpleMind for iPad&iPhone and SimpleMind for Android support adding one or more video recordings to a topic. To add a video recording, select the topic you want to add the […]

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Collapse/Expand and Hide/Show topics

Collapase and expand topics Collapse topics to keep oversight in large maps. When a topic is collapsed, the whole branch is hidden. Expand is the reverse of collapse. Tap the […]

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Group borders

Group borders A group border visually groups topics by drawing a line around those topics. To display a group border, use the topic toolbar  and select the group border icon […]

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Checkboxes and progress bars

Add checkboxes, progress bars or roll-up progress bars to topics. To add this, select  from the topic toolbar You can check or uncheck a checkbox. A progress bar is different, this sets […]

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Navigation link (to a file, topic, contact or the web)

A navigation link is a link to a mind map, a web page, a contact or a file. A topic may only have one navigation link.

To add or remove a link, tap on the topic toolbar  and select link . After you have added the link, the topic will show a navigation icon. Tap on this navigation icon to open the link.

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Add icons to topics via the topic toolbar. An icon is small image shown inside the topic. A topic has one icon at most.
Icon in a topic

Add an icon to a topic

  • Mac and Windows: First show the icon inspector, to do so click on Add icon in the top right corner or use the main menu. Click a topic and the click on the icon you want to add.
  • iPad & iPhone and Android: Select the topic and tap on the toolbar icon and the icon button Add icons. Tap on any icon to add it to the selected topic.
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A label is a text element in your mind map. Labels are not part of the mind map’s hierarchical structure. This means a label, unlike a topic, does not have a parent topic or child topics.
Labels and cards

To add a label to a topic or relation, select it, use the toolbar and click on the label icon . A topic or relation can have an unlimited amount of labels.

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Use Notes to add text to a topic, without cluttering the mind map. To add a note, tap on the note tool or on Desktop show the notes in the […]

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